About Us

For SaaS, The Support Queue is The Most Dependable Channel.

If, that is, your staff are trained in support delivery, communications, customer success, and your value proposition. Otherwise, support is just frustration waiting to happen. We train our entire team on the fundamentals of SaaS, so giving great support is just a beginning. We look for upsell opportunities, churn risk, and other signs that your customer needs extra attention.

What We Do

Post-sale customer interactions are opportunities to strengthen the bond with the customer, when your team knows what they are doing. We turn these encounters into moments for your product to shine.

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We bring years of experience in SaaS, Technical Support, Managed Services, and Agile Development. This experience provides a framework that ensures we can understand your value proposition and quickly ramp up to deliver a solid customer experience.

Who We Are

Our management has years of tech experience in San Francisco, Manila, and Tokyo leading a global team of over 50 (and growing) trained support staff, brought together by our passion for the Art and Science of customer Success.

Scott Massey

Ops, US

Karen Lozada


Momoko Wakamori

Ops, Japan

Elle Morre

Customer Success, APAC

Kiriko Okuda

Delivery, Japan

Work For Us

We are about fulfillment, in our careers and lives. We work like crazy for our clients, and we push ourselves to get better every day. Then we unplug and chase our passions. We keep it simple.


We create a workspace that is healthy, both mentally and physically. We have to, because we want to grow and learn together. We strive to make each other better at our work and push ourselves to be masters of our craft.

We have many responsibilities: as the main point of contact with the customer, as the customer’s voice regarding our roadmap and engineering plans, and as the patient yet stern uncle who guides both new and long term customers on the path to success, as the technical “glue” between users, sales, engineers, and management.

There will be difficult situations, to be sure, in our world. We are the catalyst for resolution, not the buffer which keeps client anger isolated from other departments who can affect a change of the problem. We succeed when we are focusing customer feedback into actionable ideas. And we will burn out if we let a small percentage of users move into our heads.

If you have the same passion as we do for support, and want to be part of a team than creates quality wherever we go, you belong on our team.